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KRSolutions is a state-of-the-art IT Consultancy and Services company. We specialise in Systems Integration, which will allow you to strengthen all those areas of your business which your Business Management System cannot reach.

Business Consultancy

Discover a new way of working with a consultancy. KRSolutions offers a new vision of this business, providing senior professionals who will provide the expertise you need to achieve your objectives. Our team is totally focused on productivity, quality and achieving results which lead to success.

System Integration

We will offer you a wide range of tools which will integrate totally with your Business Management System. This will allow you to increase your service portfolio while at the same time, simplifying your office work.

Tailor-made Applications

Do you have your own particular way of managing your company which your ERP does not adapt to? Would you like a different kind to those available on the market? Think no further, at KRSolutions we have the solution for you.

System Maintenance

Can't your data centre keep pace? It will warn us before it fails. Try truly proactive solutions and stop worrying about these things.


Discover a fresh new way of strengthening your corporate brand. We are always one step ahead and we offer an alternative vision to the standard product.


Training is provided by professionals with more than ten years' experience. Discover the economic benefits of Fundación Tripartita training.

Business Consultancy

We are your Madrid-based business consultancy specialising in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta).

Through our IT consultancy we will solve your company's IT problems and will optimise its management.

We have a wealth of experience in system integration and tailor-made application development to cover all your needs.

In our IT consultancy we have specialists in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) and Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta) - leading business management and administration software.

Contact KRSolutions and we will solve your IT problems.

100% customer satisfaction


All for Padel have found in KRSolutions the ideal partner to accompany them in their company's development thanks to their good practice in analysing every opportunity and need in depth, as well as their ability to always provide the best solution.

Also their versatility in running projects should be stressed, as well as their ability to create and integrate dynamic teams with great expertise.

Ascensión Llorente, 

Finance Manager


Our expertise in web environments left much to be desired - a lot of money was spent with no results. Despite our initial scepticism, due to previous failures, I must say that since 2009 we have had our online shops up and running thanks to Kyre Solutions. And the most important thing is: They are perfectly integrated into our Navision ERP.

Their ambition, business intelligence, solution-finding, understanding and professionalism make them stand out from the crowd. We consider them to be a technology partner who have helped us a lot. Therefore, I recommend to anyone who wishes to develop their technology projects, and who unfortunately has not yet found the right supplier, to contact them and see for yourself what they can do. You will not regret it.

Thank you to everyone. I am available to consider whatever query you may have.

Miguel Ángel Castañeda, 

Sales and Marketing Management


KRSolutions began working with us assuring us that they could do what others couldn't. As of today, we have to admit that it was and is true! Since 2012, they are our IT support for our corporate ERP and we value greatly their technical ability, the expertise they bring to any situation and their willingness to help us to obtain successful results.

Ana Sánchez Borreguero, 


Thanks to KRSolutions we no longer have limitations with our IT systems. The thing we value most about them is their specialisation and technical expertise, their adaptability to our needs and their immediate response.

Álvaro Calvarro, 


If I had to define KRSolutions in one word, it would be PROFESSIONALISM. They are no ordinary consultancy. Every single one of their technicians is highly qualified, which means that you can explain your problem directly to them and obtain quick solutions.

Constantly innovating and proposing improvements for your company. Summary: Highly recommended.

Iñaki López Rubio, 

IT Director


KRSolutions has been our service provider since 2008, the year when they were established. As the first customer of this company we have shared their day to day experience from the start up to the present, working shoulder to shoulder on all our projects. They have always provided an excellent personalised service, through which they strive for close ties and understanding, and we continue to trust in them and are thankful for their technical ability to solve all our problems, while always striving to fulfil our aims.

Miguel Ocaña Garcilaso de la Vega, 

Delegate Advisor


KRSolutions is the company's most recent supplier. They began to work with us through one of their consultants who knew our system perfectly. Since then we have not had any problems with our system and the developments have been highly satisfactory in terms of quality, time and form. The treatment received from the team was always good and professional, and it's worthy of note that we were always able to depend on them in moments of urgency and need.

David Valerio, 

IT Manager Spain & Portugal


Tecnolearning can confirm that KRSolutions was hired to deliver several IT courses covering subjects such as .Net Technology, SQL Server, Web Development and Windows Phone for companies such as Endesa, ALD Automotive, Athelia, O.C.U. and Spain's Defence Ministry. The results were excellent both in terms of the treatment of the students and the technical expertise of the instructors.

José Fco. Medina, 


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