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      About Us

      We are a consulting company applied to computer science. We started our journey in 2008 with Microsoft solutions such as Dynamics NAV and AX and during these years we have grown in all the technologies related to ERP’s and the added value services that we integrate.


      KR is formed with the idea of breaking with traditional consultancies, having as a base of business and business philosophy the motto “achieve the impossible”, a challenge that we face every day with great enthusiasm and dedication.

      Work team

      Our team consists only of senior consultants. We offer profiles with more than 8 years of experience in the sector, which guarantees fluidity in communication and effectiveness when designing new computer systems.


      We work with a horizontal structure, highly trained and with autonomy, which allows us to offer a quality service, fast in service, fast in response and efficient in the consumption of hours.

      Our commitment: to achieve the impossible

      But … how do we get it?

      Senior profiles

      Since the beginning of the company we have opted to have only senior profiles with at least 8 years of experience in the sector. Each of these profiles, in turn, can be part of several work areas.


      Continuous training

      Having large resources, all of them productive, it is necessary to maintain continuous training that allows the company to stay at the forefront of technology in order to improve and optimize the solutions offered.

      Horizontal structure model

      Betting on the use of versatile and experienced resources, a horizontal workflow can be designed that does not require management and support work positions that stifle or limit the operation of the company. Thanks to this, knowledge can be shared, resources optimized, response times and, ultimately, productivity improved, thus being more competent and prepared for the 21st century labor market.

      Productivity model

      Analyzing the first 3 pillars of the company, the positive outcome of the projects and the satisfaction of the client, it is observed that everything depends on a single angular piece, matrix of this company: the personal satisfaction of the professional. That is why the work model valid for this company is one that empowers the professional in achieving their personal and professional goals.