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      What is a computer consultancy?

      IT technical service // Technology consulting

      This specialty of consulting and computer consulting, is based on the art of using for the benefit of third parties the business knowledge acquired through training and continuous experience, which allows applying innovative computer solutions to complex situations, whether these are foreseeable as if not

      The knowledge is accumulated from the daily experience in multiple disciplines of technology and management computing, bringing together in a professional team of senior computer consultants, great general and sectorial knowledge.

      These IT maintenance services are, without a doubt, our main line of business. Our experience allows us to assimilate with agility the working procedures of our clients and, after this first and necessary step, design and parameterize for them customized IT solutions that allow them to integrate business processes into the management tools that we recommend. A powerful computer system that builds a future oriented to growth and profitability, avoiding the mistakes of the past.

      As a technology consultancy, we are, therefore, able to offer technological solutions for IT equipment that provide added value and improve the company’s administrative circuits, which translates into an increase in productivity and a reduction in both operating costs and execution times.

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      Expert consultants in IT services

      Optimizing day-to-day // computer consulting services

      Computer consulting is a highly specialized business line for us, because through it we offer analysis and consulting services, known as strategic or business consultancy , with the aim of of reduce the cost of administrative procedures , improve the obtaining of reports, and avoid inefficiencies such as unnecessary duplication of information.

      Thanks to this type of projects for which we apply the best practices , our clients have profiles of computer consultants able to audit the workflows of the company and offer erp solutions practical and realistic that truly adapt to the company’s circuits.

      Our experience and knowledge of multiple sectors such as IT consultancy , allows us to offer customized solutions of each scenario, saving administrative, logistical and financial costs as well as response times of service.

      What scenarios do we address?


      Audit of jobs


      Analysis and improvement of administrative circuits


      Automation of manual processes


      Optimization of logistics processes


      Optimización de circuitos de servicio técnico


      Online integration of external tools

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