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      What is an ERP and why does my company need it for?

      To make companies more competitive and productive, managers need to control all aspects of the business through ERP software: purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, sales, logistics, services, project management, workload of employees, accounting, financial status, etc. Depending on the sector to which it belongs, there will be more important issues than others to manage, as well as facets common to all of them, which should not be neglected.
      The value of the information
      What is certain is that information is one of the main assets of any organization. As it has come to be called for a while this part is the “oil of the future”, since properly managed and managed is when using an ERP system acquires all its value.

      The information not only allows us to know the current status and past of our business. At a given moment, with the right tools, we can project what can happen in the immediate and medium term in the future: consumer trends (whether they are products or services), seasonality, etc … As well as identify behaviors that allow us to take better decisions in day-to-day management.

      Being able to have the right tools, it is no longer necessary to work based on intuitions.
      ERP – Information management
      In all businesses, regardless of their size, there are aspects that require special attention when it comes to information management:

      Make it unique

      The file of the same client can not be repeated in several places (delivery note, invoice, the one with the commercial with the annotations, …).

      Flow between departments

      When an order occurs that goes to the warehouse while the delivery note goes to billing, the invoice is issued in the cycle and the particular conditions agreed with the customer.

      That is centralized

      We all know where to go to collect a certain data and that centralization is always up-to-date and up to date.

      That is controlled

      It can not be accessible all over the world. Each one must have what is relevant for their function within the company.
      How do we do it?
      ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
      To achieve these objectives, there are solutions within a specific category of management tools: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), whose main objective is to manage all the company’s information, and provides us with the following advantage:
      Improve customer service
      Unique data for all
      Reduce inventories
      Automate processes
      One tool, less training
      Can interoperate with other external processes
      Provides full visibility of the business
      Your analytics allows you to anticipate problems and needs
      From KR Solutions, as a software company, we recommend Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions (Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX), with solvent and prepared proposals for the self-employed, micro-SMEs, SMEs and large organizations in which thousands of companies in Spain already trust. many more around the world.

      And also under traditional formulas of installation in the infrastructure of the client (on-premise), or through payment for use in the cloud.

      ERP- Microsfot Dynamics AX
      ERP- Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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