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      Management solution | Integration of business management systems

      Because 1+1 must remain 1 environment

      Reality tells us that there is no single management solution to solve all business needs. While an ERP software is the backbone of the management of any organization, it is not always able to address each and every one of the demands. Sometimes it is achieved by developing modules tailored to each client, and sometimes integrating with proposals already created by third parties.

      For this reason, it is usual for us to find scenarios in which different systems must coexist to meet the requirements of companies in areas such as logistics, warehouse, sales, project management, relationship with employees and customers, web integration, …

      Faced with this reality, the integration of systems is undoubtedly the best of the possible options, given that:


      Avoid duplication of information as much as possible, and with it the dispersion and difficulties of analysis and control


      Unify management and automate data exchange processes, minimizing human errors


      Improve efficiency and performance in the organization

      Each integration is a challenge, and at KRSolutions we love the challenges of our customers. Supported by our extensive experience, we have managed to integrate their local systems for them with the management of their local, online and web processes.
      Some examples of this management solution include:
      Project management
      E-commerce solutions (B2B and B2C)
      Payment gateways
      Technical service
      Web services
      Identification by RFID in logistics
      Employees portal
      Whether the needs of your organization are among these examples, or if they were of another nature, you have at your disposal to analyze and evaluate your specific project.

      In KRSolutions we think that the fact that your management system does not cover all the services that your company needs, is not an obstacle to have our close collaboration in order to overcome it together.

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