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      Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Customer solution relationship management

      What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

      Managing customer relationships properly is a fundamental aspect of any business, whether to get new customers or to build loyalty. Customers today want a differentiated treatment, that the interactions with a specific provider are just, and that they offer them products or services according to their real needs.

      All these steps must be done regardless of the number of clients that you wish to attend. Perhaps if my clients are few, I can take the details of the pending issues with them head-on and at what point each initiative is with respect to each of them, but when the number grows, management control becomes more complicated.

      Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Centralized information

      Moreover, regardless of having an associated account manager, in a company the information should not reside in the notebook, personal computer or in the head of that manager … We must not forget that the customer is the company, and your information must be centralized to always provide the best service, regardless of whether there is such a convenient and close figure.

      Microsoft Dynamics CRM | Specialized solution

      This is precisely where a CRM solution specialized in customer relationship management or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes into play. Its purpose is to centralize customer information by addressing various facets: sales, marketing or support / customer service. Then each company will focus on the functionalities that these tools offer and will squeeze those that best fit with their sector or activity.

      Thanks to the capabilities provided by Dynamics CRM, companies can create personalized experiences,
      contacting your clients at the right time, in the right place and in the right way.

      In KRSolutions we recommend Microsoft CRM solutions, belonging to the Dynamics family for several reasons…


      Easy to use

      It incorporates guided navigation capabilities with tasks and personalized directed support for the user. This is essential for the success of a new tool in any company because it also accelerates productivity.


      It allows to automate tasks

      These will simplify jobs and eliminate downtime and inefficiencies including approvals, user opinions and surveys. Even a self-service portal can be organized.



      It is possible to integrate information from various sources (mailing campaigns, social networks) to make an analysis and social marketing thanks to Microsoft Social Engagement.


      Solvency of the manufacturer

      Microsoft not only has a leading product in the market with many features, but also invests constantly in R & D to improve it year after year.


      Integration with Microsoft Office tools

      Complete integration with the calendar when managing appointments, email to interact more easily with customers, instant messaging tools and chat,…


      Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

      Integration with Microsoft’s ERP is essential to have a 360º view of the customer: orders, billing, payment status, …


      Customer's choice

      Having solutions both on-premise (to install on computers locally) and in the cloud (under the interesting formula of pay per use).

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      Microsoft Dynamics CRM