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      Development of SOFTWARE, applications and websites

      Web and app development on Angular JS y .NET
      The software development that your company needs
      ERP solutions are characterized by response of applications to measures adapted to the needs of all departments of an organization, but they are still proposals of software development and web applications standard and valid for a wide range of businesses and sectors. That is why there are proposals called “vertical” oriented to specific sectors and casuistics of our business fabric.

      Even in this case, it does not always go as far as the client intends and that is why there is a formula for custom application development projects, which marks a higher level of demand for the solution provider.

      Fortunately, at KRSolutions, a software development company, we have the technical qualification endorsed by our certifications and the experience to address these projects aimed at expanding the ERP functionalities.

      Experience and team
      We have been working since 2008 on the development of proprietary software, 100% integrated with any ERP in the market. We make any type of customized application either web (integrated in your local management linking the online world with the physical world), mobile (iOS and Android) or Windows.

      For this we have an area specialized in development projects for custom-made and evolving applications for companies consolidated today as one of the most important areas of our consulting business.

      We have a multidisciplinary team, with deep programming knowledge and passionate about new technologies, constantly looking for new challenges in the field of management. This interest is also translated when sharing their knowledge, thus collaborating in talks and training courses to transfer that training to our clients.

      Whenever the client wants it, we try to become one more member of the work team, thus being in permanent contact to ensure that the development process concludes with the ideal software solution for your business and in the shortest time possible.

      Software architecture for companies
      We offer our own architecture combining Angular JS with Microsoft .NET technologies, with powerful and simple interfaces, designs adapted to any type of RWD device and capable of integrating with existing systems. Taking advantage of the latest technological advances, we offer the development of software and modular applications with the following characteristics:

      Database layer

      It gives us access (reading and writing) to the information stored through a model of classes that represent the database model.

      Business layer

      Integrates all the business logic that offers solutions to the client. This layer has the advantage of unifying in a single module all the validations and peculiarities of the client, allowing to reuse it at will without the need to repeat code.

      Display layer

      It is responsible for the representation of data and is completely independent of the rest, so it can be based on any format / presentation technology (Windows application, web page, mobile api, Windows service …)
      We offer customized software solutions with the scalability and exploitation of information, the main axes of any application of the 21st century.
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